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New Season of Love & Hip Hop: ATL Edition

Vh1’s hit reality show “Love and Hip Hop  will premiere June 18 at 8 p.m. This time the show is set in a new city, Atlanta, along with a new cast. 

Cast members include: rapper Rasheeda and her husband Kirk Frost,  rapper Lil’ Scrappy and his mom, a Latina rapper name Joseline, singer K. Michelle, Grammy Award winning producer Stevie J. and new R &B and Trinidadian  singer Karlie Redd.   Stevie J has worked with well-known artists such as Jay-Z,  and Diddy, his girlfriend Mimi Haust will also appear on the show.  Rasheeda has been in the music business for a long time, but has yet to find her big break into mainstream music. Her husband is also her manager.  Rapper Diamond of Crime Mob was set to be a main character on the show, but she declined once her ex-boyfriend Lil’ Scrappy and his mother, known as Mama Dee were revealed as cast members on the show. Lil’ Scrappy also appear on the show with his girlfriend, Erica Dixon.  

Now, I have never heard of Karlie Reed or Joseline….perhaps they will remind viewers of Somaya Reece? This should be an interesting season to watch. It is definitely a great way to continue to put Atlanta and its artists on the map.  Maybe by the end of the show, people will recognize Joseline and Karlie Reed for their music and K. Michelle will have another hit on her hands.  As far as Rasheeda, who is extremely talented and in her own lane, she deserves to be a mainstream rapper. I hope that her behavior on the show will prove that.  Lil’ Scrappy needs to come back with another hit single as well. 

The show will have 10 episodes. The first and second season of Love and Hip Hop were filmed in New York and consisted of Jim Jones, his girlfirend Chrissy, his mother Mama Jones, singer Oliva, Emily B, (rapper Fabulous’ girlfriend), Latina rapper Somaya Reece, Yandy Smith,( Jim Jones former manager) and Kimbella, (girlfriend of rapper Cam’Ron).   The show  drew 2 to 3 million viewers per week in its original airing. I wonder if the ratings will be the same after this season? There is only one way to find out!
I’m excited to watch the show and I hope you are too! Stay tuned. 

(Also, I may do another post taking a closer look at each cast member soon!)




Business vs. Friendship

So I know I said I would write the next post on pitching, but I was inspired to write on business and friendship after watching VH1’s T.I & Tiny: Family Hustle. Seeing Tiny’s hairstylist get upset about how she was treated caused me to ask, can friends do business together?
To me, the answer is yes. But both parties must be aware of the positions. They must be professional at all times in situations pertaining to work. They must realize that the job comes first and their friendship is second. I am not suggesting the friendship is irrelevant, but business must always come before pleasure. Feelings cannot affect job performance. You have to be willing to set aside personal differences and do what’s best for the company and/brand.
Having respect for each other also plays a major part in how well the collaboration goes. Without setting ground rules and expectations up front, the business and friendship could be ruined.
Friends can be great business partners with a healthy working relationship or they can turn into each other’s worse nightmare depending on what guidelines they establish.

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