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Interviewing Tips 101

Hello everyone! I noticed on Twitter a lot of my followers that are interns or seeking employment absolutely DREADĀ  the interview process. Personally I enjoy it! (I know, right?) So here are a few tips on how I handle interviews and get rid of nervous feelings:

1) Be confident- Know that you can do it! You are well-prepared and you are qualified! There is no reason to be afraid! if you don’t get the position, it wasn’t meant for you. But trust, something will come along

2) Do your research- When you are contacted by Human Resources or the recruiter, be sure to remember his/her name! Find that person on LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Be sure to connect. Know how they got started in their field. When the time comes to ask questions, it always looks good that you’ve taken time out to find out who they are and what they accomplished.

3) Realize that an interview is a simple opportunity to talk about yourself- No one in the world knows who you are and what you are capable of like you do! Be sure to speak highly of yourself, but don’t over do it. You hold the key. It is your resume’ they are looking at. Be sure that your resume’ is updated and accurate. Also, keep your portfolio updated and neat. Ultimately, the interview is about YOU AND YOUR SKILLS.

4) Realize that an interview isĀ  to a meeting- Initially, you don’t know the potential employer, nor do they know you. So, relax! Yes, first impressions are lasting, but you also have to make sure that the company is a good git for you and vice versa. If you are nervous, you lose focus on that important factor!

5) Be Positive- If you want the job and you have put in the work to get it, CLAIM IT AS YOURS! There is no reason to be negative or doubt yourself before you even enter the room. Remain positive before, during and even after the process. Be sure to get the person’s business card, you never know, it could become a great networking opportunity!

I know that being on the hunt for a job isn’t easy, it can be very frustrating and difficult. But, it’s okay. Everyone goes through it. It is simply a stepping stone on your journey to greatness! Remember to encourage yourself along the way and surround yourself with positive people. I hope this helps my loves!

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