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4 Tips For Surviving in the PR Industry

Now more than ever the PR industry is filled with competition. Those that have been in the business for years must compete with their peers as well as PR newbies who are looking for their big break. Getting in the industry is challenging, but the hardest part is maintaining your reputation and work ethic. As public relations practitioners, (especially those in the entertainment industry), you must remain professional, yet creative. You can’t be afraid to take a risk or make the first move in terms of approaching potential clients. Also, you must make sure that you maintain your relationships with the media. Reporters, editors and bloggers hold the key to both you and your clients success. The following are tips to help you survive within the industry.

1) Be Innovative- Anyone can disseminate information through writing a press release and hitting the send button in an email. You must find ways to send out the message in a creative way. Even if you are submitting a press release, media kit, etc make sure that it stands out to the receiver.

2) Know how to Multitask-  Writing is a very key component in this industry. But it is not enough to know how to write, a publicist must also have know how to manage  social media pages, take pictures for clients, shoot and edit video and create an effective PR campaign. Having this knowledge will allow you to provide your clients with more services and gain a competitive advantage.

3) Always market yourself and build your brand- It is important that as you build credibility and a reputation among your clients, that you keep track of the work that you have done. Post Tweets daily  about past clients, media placements and interviews. Continuously update your resume’ and keep in touch with your contacts in both the media and PR world. Invite other publicists out to events and network. They may know someone who needs PR, but does not fit into their scheme. Never sell your self short and be confident in your work.

4) Be Aggressive- If there is a client that you really want to work with, go for it! Don’t be afraid to sell yourself to them on Facebook, Twitter, and in his/her email.

These tips will not only help you to survive in the industry, but they will also help you to expand your network and grow in your profession.

5 Ways to Stand Out to Potential Employers


This field is very competitive especially for recent college graduates. Here are a few tips to help you standout to potential employers and possibly land your first job!

1) Intern, Intern, Intern– One internship is NOT enough. The more experience, the better your resume’ looks. Also the more hands on experience that you have , the more knowledgeable you become about your field. Interning is also good for networking purposes. Get to know your co-workers and supervisors. You never know who they know.

2) Keep Copies of your work- Class projects can help to build your portfolio! Be sure to keep a copy of your final and finished work. It will help when potential employers ask for copies or samples of your writing. Also, be sure that your work is error- free and that you fix any corrections that need to be made before showing them to a potential job site.

3) Update Resume’ and Cover Letter- Your cover letter and resume’ are two very important documents. They are an extension of you; the first thing that an employer looks at is your resume’. Make sure that it is current and up-to-date. First impressions are lasting, think of your resume’ as your first impression to an employer. You want to make sure you put your best foot forward. Your cover letter is also important, make sure that you keep it updated and send it to the correct company. You don’t want to apply to Barnes and Noble with a cover letter that says “Dear Laclede”.

4) Have an online presence– In today’s society, social media is everything. Be sure to watch what you post on Facebook and Twitter. Employers are going to look at your profile and interaction. Don’t post inappropriate pictures. Also, create an online portfolio. It is easier for employers to access.

5) Have good references-Sometimes it is not all about what you know, but rather who you know. Be sure to establish a good rapport with supervisors, professors, community leaders, etc. You will need references and letters of recommendation that speak to your personality and work ethic.

These are just a few tips to assist you all. I will post more soon. Hope it helps and that you enjoyed this post!

PR Chat with Dee Dee Cocheta


Dee Dee Cocheta is the owner of  A.B.C. Publicity – The branding Group – a PR & Marketing Firm specializing in assisting small businesses and non-profits to grow along with marketing the lifestyle of music, fashion and film. Dee Dee has consulted and coordinated publicity efforts for music events, conducted media training and developed marketing and PR strategies for hundreds of independent artists in addition to: Chaka Khan, KRS One, Killer Mike, Tony Terry, DJ Benny D, music producer Isaac “Ike Dirty” Hayes, III, Rudy Currence, Cherish & Arrested Development. She is well respected for her work ethic and positive spirit. Checkout my interview with her below:

How long have you been in the public relations industry?

I started out in radio doing Marketing and Promotions. By 1999, I created a marketing firm and within two years I was called on to do public relations because there were not many in Atlanta or the south who understood the entertainment industry of which music was my main concentration working with record labels, radio stations and artists.

What influenced you to start your own firm?

I always wanted to own a business. Once I was let go from radio because they were switching formats, I couldn’t find another job so it made sense to finally put my goal in place.

What trends have you seen over the years?

When I started out, on-line promotions or public relations wasn’t a major factor, yet the focus went from printed material – newsletters, print magazines to the use of email newsletters and on-line magazines. For the past five years, social media platforms and networks have now become a huge part of public relations.

How has social media impacted public relations practitioners and their clients?
As I stated before social media is now a major part of public relations and is the forefront of campaigns, therefore PR practitioners must know the intricate parts of the many social networks. The impact of social media is the way clients can reach consumers directly and PR professionals must understand the best use for client and how to measure it’s effectiveness.

What are your thoughts on friends becoming business partners?

I never thought about this before. I have only been questioned about doing business with family of which I would state it has both pro’s and con’s. So my thoughts about working with a friend would be the same and you must outweigh them to see what would be best for both parties involved. Money usually is the top factor in ending relationships personally and professionally so I definitely suggest the friends be on the same page with all goals and expectations and have everything on paper.

Describe a typical work day for you?

The top of the week I always conduct business development wether it’s replying to RFP ‘s and proposal writing to marketing and PR for the company. Daily, I usually wake up to check major media headlines to see if there are any stories that fit with our clients. Then I begin the day by looking over client management list for each project at hand and start working on what needs to be completed. On an hourly basis: check emails for any follow up to client pitches as well as creating pitches for client, make phone calls to media and organizations for client outreach as well as check social networks, make posts for business, clients and reply to customers. Lastly, a few times throughout the week taking clients to events or attending events for networking purposes.

What does it take to be a successful publicist?

Have a plan, work your plan, be persistent and never give up!

What advice would you give to new publicists?

To make sure they have a plan – know what type of public relations they want to practice or be a part of, work persistently towards that and never give up!

What life lessons has being a publicist taught you?

Effective communication – that listening is the most important quality you can give to clients, friends and family.

How important is networking with other publicists?

VERY IMPORTANT – my top leads come from other PR pro’s so it is wise to never feel you are in a competitive world. Plus it helps to be able to share with one another new or effective tools, applications and other resources to continue raising the standards in our PR industry.

Follow Dee Dee on Twitter @deedeecocheta

The Social Media Corner: You Tube and Adrianna Thomas Pt. 2 (Interview)

Orlando native Adrianna Thomas was voted one of YouTube’s Best Hair Bloggers by  She has done every hair style from Toya Wright (formally Toya Carter) inspired to creating her own bob. She started doing hair in the 8th grade. She learned how to do her own hair by practicing in her bedroom. Art has always been a part of her life and she believes hair and art link together naturally.

How did you come up with the idea to begin vlogging?

It’s funny because I was on YouTube in 2008 for a research project for high school college course psychology class.  I was supposed to be watching videos on color-ism in America and I actually made a video on it and later found Ateyaa (a well established makeup guru on YouTube) and I was so inspired and amazed by her videos on “hair”.  It was shocking because I would never think to go on YouTube for hair ideas.  So, I decided to make a video on a half wig that she reviewed and people found me from her page I believe, and it has been a wrap ever since.

Did you imagine yourself being as successful as you are?

Not at all, I honestly never really paid attention to the number of subscribers I had.  It never was important to me.  I noticed that I was becoming bigger than I realized when a subscriber wrote me saying that I was almost at 10,000 subscribers and I was like wow.  Then more people subscribed over time and I began doing giveaways and contest to show my appreciation but I don’t care about numbers I just want to help people and if they learn something I’m happy.

What opportunities have come your way because of your success and popularity via YouTube?

I get a lot of attention in the real life now, it’s weird. I’m trying to get used to being “that girl off YouTube” but it’s very odd.  I have been listed on several blog sites because of YouTube and I’ve also met some wonderful people.  I haven’t really taken any huge steps in with my YouTube channel because I’m focusing on school at the moment and I don’t like planning things out, so we’ll see what happens in the future.

How do you find time to go to school and continue to post videos?

I have always been a very busy person.  Growing up I was either in some type of organization, working or at step practice so it’s a natural gift being able to multi-task.  I never sleep, and I work better under pressure so I guess I enjoy a challenge and at the end of the day I feel good about myself for being able to handle different tasks at one time.

Have you had to deal with any craziness because you are well known to the You-Tube world?

Yes! People actually stop me to take pictures with them it’s crazy. One lady even told her kids to take a picture with me in the beauty supply store, I will never forget.  The strangest thing is that I never told anyone about me on YouTube, my mom even had to find out from somebody else. Now all her co-workers watch me and old high school teachers watch me, it’s crazy.

What is some of the best advice you have received?

I never have received any great advice because every day is a learning experience and I have gone through a lot in my young life.  I’m just blessed to be here today and if anything that I’ve learned, is that life is too short and I’m going to live life to the fullest.  So many close people I know were there one day and gone the next and that has motivated me to fulfill my dreams and strive for the best.

What are your future goals?

I want to graduate college and possibly work on my masters along with getting my cosmetology license.  I’m really interested in young girls and helping them with self-esteem and everyday life so maybe one day I can start my own non-profit girls’ camp because I believe my story can help so many young women who have gone through the same trials in life.  When I lost my father it really changed my life and I have also helped teens through my channel deal with losing loved ones and It was so uplifting hearing how much stronger they were after finding me because so many of them could relate to my story, I would love that more than anything else.

What advice would you give to those looking to start a YouTube channel?

I would tell them to have a strong back bone because it can get crazy.  Being yourself is very hard to do now days especially on YouTube so no matter what people say BE YOURSELF.  Luckily, I’m strong enough to handle the negativity from others because they don’t accept my personality or my “slang” talk, but I’m still here and pushing almost 68K subscribers.

How do you think social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and YouTube are changing the lives of ordinary people?

I think it is incredible! A lot of well known celebrities were discovered from social media sites.  It can be a bitter sweet situation but it’s definitely life changing.

Introducing the Social Media Corner: You Tube and Adrianna Thomas Pt. 1

Hello everyone! So I came up with the idea of implementing a Social Media Corner of my blog. These posts will consist of how social media gives people exposure and the opportunity to create their own brand. As a public relations practitioner, I believe that social media is essential to creating and maintaining a brand for clients and potential clients as well. We want to use every avenue as a public relations strategy to gain attention and publicity for ourselves and our clients.

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Adrianna Thomas. She is no stranger to the YouTube world, especially those who want to learn more about how to install hair extensions.  Adrianna was named one of Youtube’s Best Hair Bloggers  by  She is versatile, not only does she giver tutorials on doing hair, but she also creates videos on makeup and nails as well. She  has  68,000 subscribers and proves that college students can excel at all things through hard work and believing in themselves. Check out her channel at .

Below is a clip of one of her tutorials:

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