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The Pitch: Make it as Easy as 1,2,3

For PR interns and newbies, pitching can be extremely terrifying and difficult. When I had to send my first pitch to fashion bloggers for a client, it did not go well at all. My first mistake was that I sent it to ALL of them at the same time, within the same email! Definitely not a good look as a publicist or PR practitioner. My second mistake was that I irritated and annoyed a few of the bloggers, (unintentionally of course), by sending them the pitch again. I waited two weeks and when I didn’t hear from them, I would send the pitch again.

Here is where it gets tricky, if you are a blogger and you do not respond to a pitch right away, as a PR person, I am going to send the email again, because I assume that since you did not respond, you did not receive the email.

Until a few days ago, it hadn’t dawned on me that as a college student, I pitch to employers all the time. Think about it. When you’re looking for a job, you often build a profile online, that includes your resume’ and cover letter. You also email employers about possible job openings and current positions.

Sending the email telling employers about you and why you are qualified for the position is the SAME as sending a pitch about your client to a blogger or other media outlets.

Now that it is clear, here are a few tips to help you write and send the pitch in order to gain media coverage for your client:

1.) RESEARCH!- Research is always the most important aspect of PR. And when deciding on who to send your pitch to, it is critical. If your client is a fashion designer, it may not be a good idea to pitch to a sports editor. Find out who the fashion editor is of well-known fashion mags, located the top fashion bloggers and start there.

2.) Make a MEDIA LIST- Media Lists are very useful, especially when pitching. Make a separate list for bloggers, editors, reporters, etc. Also in addition to including basic info ( company, contact name, URL, Twitter handle), be sure to include the dates that you pitched to each person so that you don’t overwhelm or annoy them

3.) Make sure client is NEWSWORTHY- As a publicist/PR practitioner, it is your job to ensure that your client receives media placements and coverage.  When writing a pitch, be sure that you include newsworthy information. If your client has won an award, include it. If your client is hosting an event that would assist editors or bloggers, include it. It is imearative that bloggers, editors, etc understand why they should cover the story and how it can benefit them.

Pitching is only as hard as you make it. It doesn’t have to be a drag or something you simply hate to do. Hopefully these tips make it a little easier for you!


PR Girl

Real Publicists vs. Fake Publicists

I attended the Women In PR  Summit in Miami November 4, 2011. It was truly a great experience and I learned a lot from the panelists and my fellow public relations practitioners. In the conference, the panel discussed the difference between a real publicist versus a fake publicist. Here are a few common misconceptions.

1.) Real Publicists take photos with their clients during events- NO! It is the job of a publicist to ensure that the client is being represented in a positive light at ALL times. Events are  not a photo-opp for the publicist. Never take a picture with your client in a club setting, especially with a drink in your hand.

2.) Real Publicists attend parties with clients- NO! As a publicist, you may RSVP to a party on BEHALF of your client, but you do NOT attend a party with them, unless it is an opportunity for media coverage. Even so, it is your job to monitor your clients actions and make sure that they know the party is for branding purposes, not leisure. Stay behind the scenes.

3.) Real Publicists just send out emails, press releases and press kits NO! Publicists do more than press the send button on emails. It is your duty to WRITE PR materials, including, but not limited to backgrounders, fact sheets, media kits, press releases, event announcements, etc. It is also the job of a publicist to creating and maintain relationships with the media. Create a plan for your client to gain more exposure and publicity.

People think that the job of a publicist is all glitter and gold. Like any job, it has its perks, however, the work is hard and very time-consuming. It is more than just writing a pitch or press release. You have to have a strategy and then execute that strategy. Clients trust you with their career. Be confident, reliable and trustworthy. Most importantly, be professional!

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