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Beauty Is In The Eye of Christina Roman

Wardrobe Stylist. Creative Director. Fashion writer for

Christina Roman is a woman of many talents. She credits her love for bright lights and fashion to growing up in the Bronx. Although she never imagined that she would become a stylist, it seemed to be her destiny. In 2010, she styled her first shoot for model E. Taylor. Since then she has worked with a variety of clients such as Que from the R &B group Day 26 (from P Diddy’s reality show Making the Band), photographer Al Rodriguez, Unfolded Magazine and many more. “I find the art of it all to be quite beautiful and a way for me to express myself creatively. I couldn’t love this industry  more than I do already,” says Christina. With her keen sense of fashion, and amazing eye for art, Christina’s career is sure to be one of success and longevity.

Christina is also my client. View her work below and follow her on Twitter @CRoman_.  For inquiries, contact me at

Introducing Vincent G. Lane

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Vincent Lane is no stranger to shining lights and bright marquees. Growing up, Lane wanted to pursue a career as a wide receiver in football. However, things didn’t go quite as planned. Due to his unique look and encouragement from family and friends, he discovered that he was meant to be a model.
With idols such as Will Smith, Vincent knows that it is more than possible to make something out of nothing. After his first official modeling session and photo shoot, Vincent knew that he had the potential to be an advantageous model. Vincent is no ordinary model, and possesses qualities that many models in the industry lack. His hard work and dedication are endless and he remains humble, increasing his astounding personality. Modeling for four years strong, he has become dedicated to going above and beyond, going the extra mile to ensure that he is the best at his craft.

Lane has incredible sex appeal, and has the structure and look for both high-end fashion and editorial shoots. Not only does he have the hunger and dedication to be a high-end model, he wants to expand his career options and opportunities as a sports agent and songwriter as well. The sky is the limit for this young man of talent and success.

 You’re probably wondering what I have in common with Vincent G. Lane? I am proud to announce that he is my client! His website will be launched soon and I am in the process of connecting with fashion bloggers for features. If you are interested, please contact me at!

Freelance Publicists: This Does NOT Mean We Work For Free


Public relations, as most of you know,involves lots of hard work. It takes a lot of time and energy to do what we do on a regular basis.
Between pitching to the press, writing releases, managing Facebook and Twitter pages,networking- it can be absolutely exhausting!
There are those that work for agencies and corporations. For them, getting paid is not a hassle. As long as they do the work, they will get a check.

Then there are those of us who have yet to start our own firms, but instead we work as freelance publicists. Unfortunatelty, some people hear the word FREE and assume we are referring to services. This is not the case at all. Now, I will admit that I understand the hesitation of potential clients. Perhaps they have had a bad experience with a publicist who showed up late, was unprofessional and did not deliver.
It is up to you,however, to gain their trust and show them how a true PR professional handles business.

As far as money is concerned, when working as a freelance publicist,DO NOT DO ANY WORK UNTIL YOU HAVE COME TO AN AGREEMENT AND HAVE A CONTRACT WRITTEN AND SIGNED BY THE CLIENT! Also, make sure the contract includes all services that you will perform for your client. He/she must have a clear understanding of your job. Be aware of expectations and KEEP COPIES OF EVERYTHING! Don’t go into the situation with negative thoughts, but be smart. Being a freelance publicist can be very rewarding! Just make sure you know who you are dealing with before you sign him/her as a client.

Choosing Your Clients Wisely

Public relations practitioners MUST have clients, our livelihood depends on them. But, not all clients are good clients.  You have to be very cautious about who you work with and what they represent. There is a difference between choosing a client that has a crisis and choosing a client that is a crisis. When contacted by potential clients, schedule a meeting, perhaps over lunch or breakfast.

Once you have set up the meeting, write out a Client Needs Analysis, (CNA). This document consists of a series of questions that will allow you to get to know the client better. Where are they in terms of their career? How can PR enhance and get them to where they want to be? What do they like to do? These are questions that are important. Often times, people are under the impression that PR will help them to generate instant gratification and publicity. It does NOT  work like that.

It takes time and patience to develop and execute a successful PR campaign. It is important that your potential client understands this. Bring the CNA with you to the initial meeting. Make sure that you have done your homework in regards to the client, their career and how they act. If you have heard horror stories from other publicists, you may not want to work with this person. No amount of money is worth your name, brand, integrity or dignity.

Be sure that the potential client knows that YOU DO NOT WORK FOR FREE AND YOUR FEES ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE. The client must have a budget in order to pay you for your services.  If they cannot pay your retainer, you can allow them to do a payment plan with you. Although, I would not recommend it.

Once people see that you are bending the rules, they tend to take complete advantage and this could lead to a huge loss of money, time and energy.  Most importantly, make sure the client is aware of the services you offer. You should know their expectations of you, and they should know what you expect from them as well.

Clients can be a joy or a pain to work with. Keep the lines of communication open. Be professional at all times. If you feel that there is an issue with your client, be sure to speak with him/her immediately. Know your worth and others will respect you for it!


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