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Hiring A Freelance Publicist For Your Business

The job of a publicist is to assist clients in generating exposure for their business. This requires the publicist to build relationships with bloggers, editors, reporters and other media people. You may be great at developing your business, products and services, but sometimes you need some help getting the word out about it. Publicists help you find a unique angle to your company story or product that the media will be interested in. When hiring a publicist, there are many things you must consider:

1. Publicity is NOT guaranteed.
A publicist cannot guarantee results. He/she can send a million pitches; ultimately the decision to feature you depends on the outlet, its schedule and other factors.


2. Generating results takes time; be patient.
You will not become a successful media sensation overnight. A publicist sometimes has to send pitches to the same outlets repeatedly and build a relationship with the staff there before they can generate a placement. Working on your brand is also important

3. When hiring a publicist, make sure that you have a budget.
A good publicist will cost anywhere from $300.00 to $3000.00 per month depending on your needs. It is really worth it, especially if your publicist is writing material such as press releases, event announcements, creating press kits in addition to pitching and getting media placements.

4. Make sure that your publicist understands your short term and long term goals. 
It is important that they understand your expectations and that you understand his/hers as well. Also, be sure to read the contract thoroughly. A PR contract can be for three months or longer depending on whether or not your goals are being met. You can also hire a freelancer to help you on an as-needed basis with a particular event or promotion. Be mindful that campaigns take a few weeks to develop and execute. Reach out as early as possible.

5. Lastly, be sure to research the reputation of the publicist that you want to hire. 
Look at their references, resume and portfolio. Once you have a look over everything, then you are ready to make make contact and set up a meeting to discuss your goals and needs. After receiving a proposal and outlining the services and costs, you are ready to make your final decision. Be sure to speak with multiple publicists to find the one that is right for you. 

P.S I wrote this article for! It was a pleasure working with them and I am grateful for the opportunity! 

Choosing Your Clients Wisely

Public relations practitioners MUST have clients, our livelihood depends on them. But, not all clients are good clients.  You have to be very cautious about who you work with and what they represent. There is a difference between choosing a client that has a crisis and choosing a client that is a crisis. When contacted by potential clients, schedule a meeting, perhaps over lunch or breakfast.

Once you have set up the meeting, write out a Client Needs Analysis, (CNA). This document consists of a series of questions that will allow you to get to know the client better. Where are they in terms of their career? How can PR enhance and get them to where they want to be? What do they like to do? These are questions that are important. Often times, people are under the impression that PR will help them to generate instant gratification and publicity. It does NOT  work like that.

It takes time and patience to develop and execute a successful PR campaign. It is important that your potential client understands this. Bring the CNA with you to the initial meeting. Make sure that you have done your homework in regards to the client, their career and how they act. If you have heard horror stories from other publicists, you may not want to work with this person. No amount of money is worth your name, brand, integrity or dignity.

Be sure that the potential client knows that YOU DO NOT WORK FOR FREE AND YOUR FEES ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE. The client must have a budget in order to pay you for your services.  If they cannot pay your retainer, you can allow them to do a payment plan with you. Although, I would not recommend it.

Once people see that you are bending the rules, they tend to take complete advantage and this could lead to a huge loss of money, time and energy.  Most importantly, make sure the client is aware of the services you offer. You should know their expectations of you, and they should know what you expect from them as well.

Clients can be a joy or a pain to work with. Keep the lines of communication open. Be professional at all times. If you feel that there is an issue with your client, be sure to speak with him/her immediately. Know your worth and others will respect you for it!


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