Pam  Urso, Hiring Manager of AT&T Advertising Solutions: “I hired Lindsey as a Marketing Intern for AT&T Advertising Solutions from a candidate pool of over 500 applicants. Each day Lindsey confirms I made the right choice!  Lindsey’s work ethic is outstanding; she brings her knowledge and a willingness to learn more, which has been proven as a recipe for success. Lindsey is effective in a team environment; is detail-oriented; and demonstrates strong communication skills. Lindsey exhibits the kind of professionalism that any organization can benefit from.”
Service Category: Marketing Communications
Year first hired: 2011
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity


Recommendation of Miss. Lindsey Walker

I am pleased to recommend Miss. Lindsey Walker .

I had the opportunity to know Miss. Walker as a student in at least two my classes and as one of my student advisees in the department of mass communications at Jackson State University.  As a student in my classes (Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications, and Media Sales Management), Miss Lindsey was always ahead of her classmates in pre-class preparedness, and actively engaged in class lectures and discussions. She is a very hard working student, and the quality and depth of academic productivity were often beyond normal standard required. She ranked in the top 2 percent in the classes.

Miss. Walker is a team player and has always demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities and an exceptional ability to work very well with people. She is highly motivated and has consistently demonstrated keen interest and perseverance in search of solutions to new challenges in class case study problems and client-based projects. She is also active in number of the college chapters of professional organizations at Jackson State University, including: Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), American Advertising Federation (AAF), and National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ). 

Miss. Walker is a promising young woman that has the potential of becoming a great asset to the field of public relations, and will immensely enrich any organization and company that she becomes a part of. I can be reached at or (601) 979-1352 for any additional. information about this recommendation.



 Olorundare E. Aworuwa, PhD.

Associate Professor / Interim Chair

Department of Mass Communications


To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to extend my personal recommendation for Lindsey Walker.  This summer I had the pleasure of working with Lindsey in our Marketing Department.  I found her to be consistently eager to tackle a variety of assignments with professionalism, dedication and a smile.  

Lindsey reviewed news articles and press releases from a wide variety of companies that comprise the online and print industries, from the keen eye of Competitive Intelligence; then aggregated and summarized the weekly highlights for the executive officers of AT&T Advertising Solutions and AT&T Interactive.

Lindsey was meticulous about meeting deadlines and demonstrated excellent communication skills in this role.  If she completed her assignment early, she used the extra time to review existing sales visuals and job aids to weed out the outdated documents, which proved to be a necessity that had been long overdue.   Thanks to Lindsey’s efforts, our library of collateral material is fresh, and therefore, more efficient and valuable to our sales force.

Lindsey was always willing to tackle any job requested of her, and built a rapport with many managers in this fast-paced department.  She would be an asset to any employer in a marketing or public relations organization.  I predict that she will excel in any endeavor that she chooses to pursue.


Michele Seagrass

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