Raven Robinson & Nichole Dossous: Twitter Chat Invite

Raven Robinson, creator of Pr2Politics, a public relations firm that focuses on community engagement and Nichole Dossous, the creator and host of sugaRushtv , an online channel covering fashion and beauty, are hosting a Twitter Chat on January 19th, 2012 at 12:00pm. During this chat, women in various sectors will share their favorite office beauty essentials from comfortable shoes, perfect accessories as well as great interview pointers and resume tips!  A second session will be offered at 7:00 p.m. for those who will not be able to participate in the 12:00 p.m. session.  Don’t forget to use the event hashtag #beautnbiz at the end of your tweets!

Connect with these women and get awesome beauty tips for the office, interviews, meetings, events and more. This chat on twitter will be the perfect balance of beauty and business adviceMore information about  Nichole’s brand can be found on   http://www.sugaRushtv.com. Follow her on Twitter @sugaRushtv. More information about Raven’s  company can be found at www.ravenrobinson.com . Follow Raven on Twitter @Pr2Politics.

Hope you all attend!

Business vs. Friendship

So I know I said I would write the next post on pitching, but I was inspired to write on business and friendship after watching VH1’s T.I & Tiny: Family Hustle. Seeing Tiny’s hairstylist get upset about how she was treated caused me to ask, can friends do business together?
To me, the answer is yes. But both parties must be aware of the positions. They must be professional at all times in situations pertaining to work. They must realize that the job comes first and their friendship is second. I am not suggesting the friendship is irrelevant, but business must always come before pleasure. Feelings cannot affect job performance. You have to be willing to set aside personal differences and do what’s best for the company and/brand.
Having respect for each other also plays a major part in how well the collaboration goes. Without setting ground rules and expectations up front, the business and friendship could be ruined.
Friends can be great business partners with a healthy working relationship or they can turn into each other’s worse nightmare depending on what guidelines they establish.

PR Practitioners & Public Relations (NOT an Easy Job!)

When I tell people that my major is Mass Communications, they automatically think that I want to be a news anchor. Then, when I tell them that my concentration is in public relations, some nod their heads as if they know exactly what it is, although I know that they have no clue and others are wise enough to ask me what public relations consists of.

I have known that I wanted to be a publicist since the eighth grade. In high school I participated in the Minority Journalism Program. During the program, I was given my first true definition of public relations: to promote the goodwill of an institution and/or individual. Now that I am in college, my definition of public relations has changed.

Promoting the goodwill of an institution and/or individual is indeed an aspect of public relations. But the job of a public relations practitioner is much more complex. As practitioners, we must cultivate and maintain positive relationships with the media. Otherwise, writing press releases, media kits, backgrounders,etc will all be in vain. In order to succeed in the world of PR, you have to have media contacts. It is your job to reach out to them. Find out who the editor of the newspaper is, his/her email, address, Twitter handle,etc. PR is all about researching, creating a strategy that fits your client and executing the plan.

Many people are misinformed that public relations is an easy job. I BEG TO DIFFER! Doing the research is probably the easiest part, and even that isn’t always smooth. After researching and knowing what outlets you want to target, writing the pitch and taking time out to pitch continuously is the next step in the PR process. (The post on pitching is coming soon!)

Public relations is such an amazing field to be in and I am glad that I chose to be a part of it. I love the work that I do and wouldn’t trade it for the world! But it is not for the faint hearted. You must be aggressive, firm and above all stand out. At times, it will get stressful and perhaps, you may even want to give up. Then, when you see your client on the cover of a magazine or on the news for an interview, it makes it all worth while.

Sending Peace, Love & A  Happy New Year,

PR Girl

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The Social Media Corner: You Tube and Adrianna Thomas Pt. 2 (Interview)

Orlando native Adrianna Thomas was voted one of YouTube’s Best Hair Bloggers by BlackVoices.com.  She has done every hair style from Toya Wright (formally Toya Carter) inspired to creating her own bob. She started doing hair in the 8th grade. She learned how to do her own hair by practicing in her bedroom. Art has always been a part of her life and she believes hair and art link together naturally.

How did you come up with the idea to begin vlogging?

It’s funny because I was on YouTube in 2008 for a research project for high school college course psychology class.  I was supposed to be watching videos on color-ism in America and I actually made a video on it and later found Ateyaa (a well established makeup guru on YouTube) and I was so inspired and amazed by her videos on “hair”.  It was shocking because I would never think to go on YouTube for hair ideas.  So, I decided to make a video on a half wig that she reviewed and people found me from her page I believe, and it has been a wrap ever since.

Did you imagine yourself being as successful as you are?

Not at all, I honestly never really paid attention to the number of subscribers I had.  It never was important to me.  I noticed that I was becoming bigger than I realized when a subscriber wrote me saying that I was almost at 10,000 subscribers and I was like wow.  Then more people subscribed over time and I began doing giveaways and contest to show my appreciation but I don’t care about numbers I just want to help people and if they learn something I’m happy.

What opportunities have come your way because of your success and popularity via YouTube?

I get a lot of attention in the real life now, it’s weird. I’m trying to get used to being “that girl off YouTube” but it’s very odd.  I have been listed on several blog sites because of YouTube and I’ve also met some wonderful people.  I haven’t really taken any huge steps in with my YouTube channel because I’m focusing on school at the moment and I don’t like planning things out, so we’ll see what happens in the future.

How do you find time to go to school and continue to post videos?

I have always been a very busy person.  Growing up I was either in some type of organization, working or at step practice so it’s a natural gift being able to multi-task.  I never sleep, and I work better under pressure so I guess I enjoy a challenge and at the end of the day I feel good about myself for being able to handle different tasks at one time.

Have you had to deal with any craziness because you are well known to the You-Tube world?

Yes! People actually stop me to take pictures with them it’s crazy. One lady even told her kids to take a picture with me in the beauty supply store, I will never forget.  The strangest thing is that I never told anyone about me on YouTube, my mom even had to find out from somebody else. Now all her co-workers watch me and old high school teachers watch me, it’s crazy.

What is some of the best advice you have received?

I never have received any great advice because every day is a learning experience and I have gone through a lot in my young life.  I’m just blessed to be here today and if anything that I’ve learned, is that life is too short and I’m going to live life to the fullest.  So many close people I know were there one day and gone the next and that has motivated me to fulfill my dreams and strive for the best.

What are your future goals?

I want to graduate college and possibly work on my masters along with getting my cosmetology license.  I’m really interested in young girls and helping them with self-esteem and everyday life so maybe one day I can start my own non-profit girls’ camp because I believe my story can help so many young women who have gone through the same trials in life.  When I lost my father it really changed my life and I have also helped teens through my channel deal with losing loved ones and It was so uplifting hearing how much stronger they were after finding me because so many of them could relate to my story, I would love that more than anything else.

What advice would you give to those looking to start a YouTube channel?

I would tell them to have a strong back bone because it can get crazy.  Being yourself is very hard to do now days especially on YouTube so no matter what people say BE YOURSELF.  Luckily, I’m strong enough to handle the negativity from others because they don’t accept my personality or my “slang” talk, but I’m still here and pushing almost 68K subscribers.

How do you think social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and YouTube are changing the lives of ordinary people?

I think it is incredible! A lot of well known celebrities were discovered from social media sites.  It can be a bitter sweet situation but it’s definitely life changing.

Introducing the Social Media Corner: You Tube and Adrianna Thomas Pt. 1

Hello everyone! So I came up with the idea of implementing a Social Media Corner of my blog. These posts will consist of how social media gives people exposure and the opportunity to create their own brand. As a public relations practitioner, I believe that social media is essential to creating and maintaining a brand for clients and potential clients as well. We want to use every avenue as a public relations strategy to gain attention and publicity for ourselves and our clients.

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Adrianna Thomas. She is no stranger to the YouTube world, especially those who want to learn more about how to install hair extensions.  Adrianna was named one of Youtube’s Best Hair Bloggers  by BlackVoices.com.  She is versatile, not only does she giver tutorials on doing hair, but she also creates videos on makeup and nails as well. She  has  68,000 subscribers and proves that college students can excel at all things through hard work and believing in themselves. Check out her channel at www.youtube.com/thomasadrianna .

Below is a clip of one of her tutorials:

Interns Should Be Paid

Some internships are paid, but many are not.  Unpaid internships either offer college credit, or have non-monetary benefits such as, networking opportunities and assisting with  projects that will build their resume’. Should interns be paid for their service to a company? Or are networking opportunities and college credit enough?

For internships that require college credit, students have to pay for the class, in addition to completing a class report as well as the tasks required of them as an intern. There is a clause in the in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that states: “ Interns in the “for-profit” private sector who qualify as employees rather than trainees typically must be paid at least the minimum wage and overtime compensation for hours worked over forty in a workweek.”  Often times interns use their experience to gain full-time employment with the company they interned with as well as other companies.
    Interns dedicate their time, energy and effort to a company. They work hard and do more than what is required of them by their employer.  They realize the importance of  completing their task and getting the job done effectively. They are not trainees, they are interns. Students who seek to gain experience in their field so that they can get a job. They should not have to pay for a class to receive college credit. That is similar to have to pay for an internship. Working 15-20 hours a week is  equivalent to having a part-time job. Interns are employees-in-the making, and should be compensated as such.
(Note: If you have been an unpaid intern and feel you should be compensated, please visit http://unfairinternships.wordpress.com/)

Time Management

Hello everyone!  I have been extremely busy since school started. I am juggling 18 hours, a work-study job, and working with three PR firms. I also just decided to assist a  friend with some PR work for her non-profit organization.  In addition to that, I am also involved in a recruiting organization on my campus (Tiger P.R.I.D.E coonection) and I am on the executive board. Here are a few tips on how to deal with time management and meeting deadlines:

1.)  Get a planner- Having a planner ( and actually using it), keeps me on track in regards to what I have to do for the day as well as the for the upcoming week.

2.)  Prioritize- It is essential for me as a college student and intern/assistant to write down a list of what needs to be done and whether it has high or low priority. All assignments and tasks are important, but some may need more  effort than others.

3.) Do work ahead of time-  Because I take 18 hours and I am involved in so much, I make sure to do my school work at least two days before it is due so that I am not stressing out the day of.

4.) Schedule a time to study- I dedicated an hour of study time to each subject. After I finish working for an hour, I give myself a 30 min break before moving on to the next subject. This helps me relax and not feel overwhelmed.

I hope these tips are helpful to you. Feel free to leave a comment!

Positivity Always,

PR Girl


In any field, it is absolutely CRITICAL to network! This is especially true in the field of public relations. You must always keep in contact with those that you have worked for in the past and make sure that you maintain a good rapport with them. Never burn your bridges or leave a company or individual with a negative impression of you. DO YOUR BEST in all things and at all times! Remember, no matter how small the task may seem, as an intern and entry-level job seeker, your supervisors are ALWAYS watching.

So make sure you do an excellent job, ask for a recommendation letter, and most importantly say THANK YOU! The opportunity presented itself, yes, but the organization could have chosen someone else, but YOU WERE CHOSEN!

– PR Girl

Ways to Promote Yourself and Create Your Own Brand

In the field of Public Relations, image is everything. It’s all about presentation. They way you present yourself to others. Although you may be an intern, or student, you can always promote yourself! No matter how much experience you have, everything counts. Here are a few tips:

1. Speak highly of yourself. Even if you didnt have the best internship experience, there was a lesson learned and it made you a better person

2. Be able to apply class room lessons to the real world. One can learn more from an internship than in the classroom, but you must pay attention to your professors and the work that you do, trust me it will help. AT AT&T I was able to follow along thoroughly and understand what my tasks were and why they were imparative to the company because alot of things I learned in my Marketing classes

3. Promote and Create your brand. Have business cards made and both an online and print portfolio.

All of these things should help you get to where you want to be (an entry-level position, paid internship, better job,etc)

*Note: These apply to all fields, not just Public Relations!


How LinkedIn and Twitter Helped Me Land Internships

This summer is by far the best that  I have had in terms of experience and professionalism. I definitely am confident and feel prepared to enter the workforce upon my graduation. Working with AT&T Advertising Solutions (in the Marketing Department), I have learned a lot of different things about Corporate America and the importance of networking. I am very blessed to have the opportunity to work with such a great company.

As you may or may not know, I also have two additional internships with prestigous PR firms, Abesi PR in Saint Louis and Goodgirl PR in New York. How is this possible you ask? Social media. I landed my second internship via Linkedin. Abesi Manyando wrote an article in the St. Louis American, “How to elevate your business”. I read it and wanted to get in contact with her about a possible internship. I went to  her website (abesipr.wordpress.com) and wrote a comment under one of her post. I also contacted her via LinkedIn. She responded, looked at my portfolio and the rest is history! Now, on to Twitter. I have had a Twitter page since 2009 when it was required for one of my Mass Comm classes. I recently started using it more often and I follow anyone that deals with public relations. One of my followers is GoodGirl PR (Nickie Robinson, President and CEO of GoodGirl PR ). I emailed her in regards to an internship and she gave me her number. We spoke over the phone and I started working immediately.

People underestimate the power of social media all the time. If used correctly, it can be a great networking tool, and even help you land an internship or entry level position. But, you must monitor what you do and say, especially what you post on Twitter or Facebook.

Until next time,

PR Girl

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