Strategic Management: A Key Component to PR Part 1 (Lynn’s Example )

I have two more months until graduation! I am both excited and nervous at the same time! There is so much to be done…I have to make sure that I maintain my GPA and take the GRE, (which I am so not looking forward to). As I think about life in regards to my profession, I realize that what I have learned in the classroom is applicable to life.

One of the key components to public relations is strategic management and building relationships. As a public relations practitioner, my job will be to solve a problem that a business or individual may be having. These problems range from, not getting enough exposure, lack of market share or profit,etc. When developing marketing plans, it can get a little complicated if you don’t have the right mindset. It may seem hectic and overwhelming, but it CAN be done. Sometimes our perspectives just need to change.

As people, we have to solve problems on a regular basis, whether big or small. We apply strategic management and planning terminology to our lives constantly without even knowing it.  Let me give you an example of what I mean. As a college student, my goal is to become a successful publicist. In order to achieve this goal, I must have an objective. My objective is to have a master’s degree in Media Communications. Now that I know my objective, I have to come up with a strategy and tactics for accomplishing my objective.

My strategy is to ensure that I am able to meet the requirements of getting into graduate school to further my education, so that I can land a job at a  prestigious firm,etc. There are several tactics that go along with this strategy including studying and completing assignments to maintain a high GPA, applying to graduate school, receiving letters of recommendation from professors and other references, studying for the GRE,etc. You get the point.

The same type of thinking applies when creating a strategy as a part of a PR campaign for your client. First, identify the problem. Second, think of ways you can solve the problem in the best way. Third, break everything do to the smallest detail (goal, objective, strategy, tactic). Finally, plan accordingly and execute!

I hope this has helped! I will go into this topic a little more on the next blog post! Love you guys! Stay productive and positive.

Love always,

PR Girl

  1. This is a great post ! I love how you applied your current plan to elaborate on the definition. I am looking forward to the follow up.

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