Real Publicists vs. Fake Publicists

I attended the Women In PR  Summit in Miami November 4, 2011. It was truly a great experience and I learned a lot from the panelists and my fellow public relations practitioners. In the conference, the panel discussed the difference between a real publicist versus a fake publicist. Here are a few common misconceptions.

1.) Real Publicists take photos with their clients during events- NO! It is the job of a publicist to ensure that the client is being represented in a positive light at ALL times. Events are  not a photo-opp for the publicist. Never take a picture with your client in a club setting, especially with a drink in your hand.

2.) Real Publicists attend parties with clients- NO! As a publicist, you may RSVP to a party on BEHALF of your client, but you do NOT attend a party with them, unless it is an opportunity for media coverage. Even so, it is your job to monitor your clients actions and make sure that they know the party is for branding purposes, not leisure. Stay behind the scenes.

3.) Real Publicists just send out emails, press releases and press kits NO! Publicists do more than press the send button on emails. It is your duty to WRITE PR materials, including, but not limited to backgrounders, fact sheets, media kits, press releases, event announcements, etc. It is also the job of a publicist to creating and maintain relationships with the media. Create a plan for your client to gain more exposure and publicity.

People think that the job of a publicist is all glitter and gold. Like any job, it has its perks, however, the work is hard and very time-consuming. It is more than just writing a pitch or press release. You have to have a strategy and then execute that strategy. Clients trust you with their career. Be confident, reliable and trustworthy. Most importantly, be professional!

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