Matthew Goodman: A True Southern Gentleman


Matthew D. Goodman is making quite a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He has been on reality shows such as BET’s “College Hill: Atlanta and he recently starred on Oxgen’s “Love Games”, Season 3. In addition to acting, Matthew is working on his music career. 
Checkout my interview with him below:

How old were you when you decided that you wanted to be in the entertainment industry and what inspired you?
I was around 3 or 4. My mother sings and I always looked up to her and the older kids in church who would sing and dance. That as well as my belief in God, my passion and my drive inspired me.

How has being on reality shows changed your life?
I’m still the same person, but looking back I can see growth. The exposure is good and people recognize me. I want people to know my story and know who I am. Being able to connect with an audience matters most to me. It makes me smile when people are genuinely interested.

What was it like being on the cast of Love Games and living in a house full of men?
It was different coming from College Hill Atlanta, where there were just as many females. I wasn’t,worried about anyone else. It made relationships stronger because of the competition. I enjoyed myself and got to meet great people. I wish them much success.

What do you think your greatest accomplishment is so far?
I’m still evolving. I would say my independent film where I played the role of a main character Jamal. It sparked my interest into acting and getting on Stomp the Yard. I learned alot and tapped into a lot of emotions.

What makes you a southern gentleman?
How I carry myself. My father was very hands on with me and I learned from him. I have made mistakes but I strive to be respectful. I want to represent my family in the best light, how I act reflects them.

Are you single or taken by a certain Bad Girl?
I’m single. I have friends. I still talk to Judi, Kori and Sydney. I’m just getting to know people.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Continuing my career in entertainment. I’m working on my music right now. It focuses on vocalizing my story. I want to have an album, be on television in front and behind the camera. I also want to lend a helping hand in the process.

What advice would you give to those looking to break into the televsion and entertainment industry?
Have a backup plan. Set goals and do what you can to help yourself. Go to school. Education can guide you more into deciding what you want to do. You can always improve.

Why is it important for you to give back to the community?
Someone had to do the same thing for me. It’s only right that I give back. People helped me and I have to help others in return.

What impact do you want to make on the world?
A positive one. I want people to understand everything is attainable. Everyday I wake up, I’m working harder than yesterday. There is nothing to hard or to impossible to accomplish.

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