Introducing the Social Media Corner: You Tube and Adrianna Thomas Pt. 1

Hello everyone! So I came up with the idea of implementing a Social Media Corner of my blog. These posts will consist of how social media gives people exposure and the opportunity to create their own brand. As a public relations practitioner, I believe that social media is essential to creating and maintaining a brand for clients and potential clients as well. We want to use every avenue as a public relations strategy to gain attention and publicity for ourselves and our clients.

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Adrianna Thomas. She is no stranger to the YouTube world, especially those who want to learn more about how to install hair extensions.  Adrianna was named one of Youtube’s Best Hair Bloggers  by  She is versatile, not only does she giver tutorials on doing hair, but she also creates videos on makeup and nails as well. She  has  68,000 subscribers and proves that college students can excel at all things through hard work and believing in themselves. Check out her channel at .

Below is a clip of one of her tutorials:

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