Interns Should Be Paid

Some internships are paid, but many are not.  Unpaid internships either offer college credit, or have non-monetary benefits such as, networking opportunities and assisting with  projects that will build their resume’. Should interns be paid for their service to a company? Or are networking opportunities and college credit enough?

For internships that require college credit, students have to pay for the class, in addition to completing a class report as well as the tasks required of them as an intern. There is a clause in the in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that states: “ Interns in the “for-profit” private sector who qualify as employees rather than trainees typically must be paid at least the minimum wage and overtime compensation for hours worked over forty in a workweek.”  Often times interns use their experience to gain full-time employment with the company they interned with as well as other companies.
    Interns dedicate their time, energy and effort to a company. They work hard and do more than what is required of them by their employer.  They realize the importance of  completing their task and getting the job done effectively. They are not trainees, they are interns. Students who seek to gain experience in their field so that they can get a job. They should not have to pay for a class to receive college credit. That is similar to have to pay for an internship. Working 15-20 hours a week is  equivalent to having a part-time job. Interns are employees-in-the making, and should be compensated as such.
(Note: If you have been an unpaid intern and feel you should be compensated, please visit

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