Ways to Promote Yourself and Create Your Own Brand

In the field of Public Relations, image is everything. It’s all about presentation. They way you present yourself to others. Although you may be an intern, or student, you can always promote yourself! No matter how much experience you have, everything counts. Here are a few tips:

1. Speak highly of yourself. Even if you didnt have the best internship experience, there was a lesson learned and it made you a better person

2. Be able to apply class room lessons to the real world. One can learn more from an internship than in the classroom, but you must pay attention to your professors and the work that you do, trust me it will help. AT AT&T I was able to follow along thoroughly and understand what my tasks were and why they were imparative to the company because alot of things I learned in my Marketing classes

3. Promote and Create your brand. Have business cards made and both an online and print portfolio.

All of these things should help you get to where you want to be (an entry-level position, paid internship, better job,etc)

*Note: These apply to all fields, not just Public Relations!


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